Month: November 2012

Take a champagne shower, care-bear!

          So me and my best friend and fashion soulmate – Asen Asenov (check him out – ), celebrated his birthday…. as boozy-care bears! Enjoy some photos of our expirience 🙂 ****** Най-добрият ми приятел и моден съмишленик, Асен Асенов (вижте страницата му – ), отпразнувахме рожденния му ден […] Read more…

Candycotton summer memories

  Thought we could all use some of that – memories of summer, pink-ish items in our outfits, bare foot and COTTON CANDY! Just like kids do it…. 🙂 *** Всички можем да се възползавме от малко летни спомени. Розови елементи в облеклото, цветя, обувки на бос крак, дълги разходки и ЗАХАРЕН ПАМУК. По дестски… […] Read more…

Oh, happy november!

  November is here, with the scent of autumn leaves in the air.  November is here, making us dream of warm sheets, hot tea, cozy sweaters and snugglish time (: D) with someone special. Have it your own way – it’s your november 🙂 Just don’t forget to take that woolen shirt out of the […] Read more…

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