Month: July 2013

City s.w.a.g.

                To me, SWAG is nothing but a word, invented by Justin Bieber, and popularized by teeny tiny teens, born after the 2000.  But, I must admit, they’ve made it so popular, even us, oldschool 90s kids, got influenced by the whole “life style” behind it. SWAG is […] Read more…

Strawberry vanilla shake

        Hello, hello, retro summer days, high-waisted shorts and playful tops! I don’t know how I survived all the rainy days, but the waiting is over! For some short time, I was wondering if it was adequate enough to wonder around the town in a teeny-tiny bustier, and apparently, the answer, at […] Read more…

Convict costume.

It’s still yellow neon week for me, and I can’t get enough of it! This time, we are perfectly prepared for a stylish escape from the prison of expensive items and cult branding. The brand you wear or the price you pay are never a true guarantee for an impressive style.  Of course, there is […] Read more…

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