Mirela Mancheva, 20 year old girl from Sofia, Bulgaria.


All her life, Mirela is unable to define herself, choose “just one” thing and specialize. So, she decided to be anything she sets her mind to. Fashion, styling, healthy lifestyle, cooking, acting, music, being  modern day philosopher are all a part of Mirela’s world.

“I’m a professional in being myself. In all other activities, I’m the best I can be.” , she says.

Short Bio of Mirela’s life and work so far:

  • She was raised both as a city and a country girl – her father’s family owned a ranch in a peaceful village and her on her mother has a legacy of famous ballet dancers
  • She lives her childhood in riches and luxury, but then (just in time so she doesn’t become a spoiled brat)…
  • When she’s 12, her family looses their fortune and she’s forced to learn how to live in a much more humble ways. Ouch.
  • She has always been the most excellent student..
  • Regardless, she got into the most trouble out of all her classmates
  • As she didn’t have any money to buy interesting clothes, she eventually discovered second hand shopping
  • Discovering second hand shopping and expanding her wardrobe inspired her to pursue a career in style and fashion
  • In 2012, the time she is in 8th grade, she creates the fashion blog Thestyleconstructor, wishing to share her style and inspire others
  • The same year, she is leading an acting class for the younger students in her highschool, writes, creates and directs two plays for children as a gift to the school
  • In 2013, she becomes popular on the social media ask.fm. It’s not much, but it’s important to the story
  • Her popularity on ask.fm helps her launch a teenage clothing brand named Misfit Army with her friend and fellow designer, Asen Asenov
  • The brand becomes quite the hit among teenagers and in less than one year, Misfit Army collaborates with many Bulgarian celebrities. Items of the brand appear in numerous music videos, tv shows and celebrity interviews
  • In 2014, Misfit Army is sold in stores in some of the biggest cities in Bulgaria
  • In 2015, Thestyleconstructor becomes a lifestyle website with articles about healthy living, cooking and beauty. It also raises important questions with photo campaigns such as #БезСвян, which educates about body image and aims to liberate society’s perception of a naked body
  • While all of the above is happening, Mirela suffers identity crisis, depression and insecurities just like all of us do. And according to her, trying to find herself is the most important part of her biography


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