My name is M.Manch, 21 year old girl from Sofia, Bulgaria.


Ever since I was a little girl, all of my passions grew strong at the same time, and even tough all of my caring relatives were constantly advising me to “pick one” and start working on it, I never  found it in myself to abandon the rest. And here I am now, doing fashion, acting, music, writing and cooking.

I grew up in a village on the outskirts of the capital and in the city centre at the same time. I was raised by a farming family and also, by the art elite of Sofia. Milking cows and peeking behind the curtains of the top ballet performances, the two entirely different families I come from have given me the stamp of a person who can never be “just one” from day one. So I am embracing my disability to be a defined part of matrix, doing the best that I can to just… be.


My high school years were marked by constant social cheer work AND destructive young-age behaviour, first prizes from writing contests AND written explanations about WHY was I always making this or that teacher go crazy, and the first step into the real life came exactly when needed, days before the senior prom, and ever since, I am constantly constructing possibilities out of the impossible.

  • The impossibility of having a good dress for the senior prom made me come up with two, designed and made by myself, both worn at the special day. They were loved enough by everyone to get me the first clients for prom dresses the next year.
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  • The impossibility for me to dress like I always wanted, to have all the lovely clothes I was constantly daydreaming of, made me look for alternative ways of shopping, and when I found them, gave me the urge of creating this blog for sharing the inspiring journey of looking how you always wanted no matter the obstacles.
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  • The impossibility of attending my dream fashion institute in Italy made me create my own teen fashion brand, called Misfit Army
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  • The pressure I was feeling in my late teenage years to look in a certain way, to weigh no more than 40 kilos, to have a tigh gap and skinny legs, helped me on the ways of healthy eating and embracing sports, instead of spending my days surrendering to depression and low self-esteem.
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  • My unwillingness to settle after school and find a “normal job” pushed me towards accepting the offer that the high-school I was just graduated from, and become a children’s drama teacher. The lack of an appropriate children’s play to work on, made me write two, and set them both for the one year with my beloved little actors. One of the plays was also set by another ensemble of enthusiasts, for the annual celebration of their village near Plovdiv – an honor I still cannot entirely realize.
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  • Each feeling, doubt and thought, I convert into prose or poetry. Writing is my scincerest love and also, the one I find most challenging to put in the spotlight.
  • Hard times and troubles melt away with each song I sing, and even if my proffessional music activities are on hold for the last couple of years, replaced by simple covers, uploaded in internet, I can never be completey me without singing and sharing this joy with people.
  • Each and every expirience of mine, no matter small and insignificant, or huge and life-changing, I use for my acting. And even if acting is nothing more than a couple of amateur performances in front of camera every now and then, feeling closer to an activity that I love is more than enough.


I believe that style is everywhere around us. Not in the lowering self-esteem way, when you wish you could just hide in your room and never go out, because you’ll never be Audrey Hepburn, but hidden as a mark of your own lifestyle in each smile, each piece of clothing you own, each place you’ve lived in, the food you cook and the people you meet. Style is how you live.

YOU are full of style, and you owe nothing to the fashion police, or to the preferences of others. You also don’t need to feel obligated to look stunning, polished and flawless each time you leave the house. The only thing you owe to anybody, and you owe it to yourself only, is finding your own style, and sprinkle each second of your life with its magical touch. Add it to each peace of clothing you own, add it to you smile, to your way of communicating, to the borrowed old raincoat, the old sofa sitting in the terrible rent apartment you need to call “home” for a while. Leave YOUR mark and let everything surrounding you to whisper “I was here”, even when you are long gone.

I am here, so that we can help out each other in the search of individuality, inspiration and strenght to make tomorrow a better and prettier day! Let’s construct each flaw into a flawless idea!

We are ready to styleconstruct!

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